Preamble - CAEN

Capital Area Emergency Net Preamble

follow site This is ( insert your call,) net control for the Capital Area Emergency Net. This net meets each Sunday at 20:30 hours central time for the purposes of traffic handling, emergency preparedness training, and encouraging communications among radio amateurs.

The net is conducted through the Jackson Amateur Radio Club repeater, W5PFC, on 146.16/76. The backup frequency is 146.28/88.

This is (insert your call,) net control for the Capital Area Emergency Net. My name is -------.

1. Is there any emergency or priority traffic?  (Handle immediately.)

2. Is there any formal traffic? (Handle as soon as possible.)

3. Does anyone have announcements?

(Take list, and hold for after first round of check-ins.)

4. Are there any mobile or portable stations?

5. This is follow link enter (insert your call,) calling for any check-ins for the Capital Area Emergency Net.

6. Acknowledge check-ins.

7. Handle any remaining formal traffic, and announcements.

8. This is ( click insert your call,) calling for additional check-ins for the Capital Area Emergency Net.

9. Acknowledge check-ins.

10. Handle any remaining traffic.

11. This is ( see insert your call,) closing this session of the Capital Area Emergency Net. The next scheduled session of this net will be at 20-30 hours central time next Sunday, when your net control will be (insert next call from net control list.)

This is ( source url insert your call,) clear.



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